In the year 1998 A.D., a faint rumbling disturbed the quiet peace of a small middle class neighborhood in the town of Renton, Washington. The demonic screams and howls of two horribly overdriven practice amps and a crudely made P.A. (Consisting of a 1970's model Pioneer stereo and two blown twelve inch speakers) could be heard dozens of feet away. Who knew that out of this fiery electrical hazard would emerge a pillar of crapulance, Dumbass Jones.

The music of Dumbass Jones is fueled by the raw stupidity and alcohol intake of it's four members. Nothing is too rediculous or farfetched to be covered in a song. Their raunchy, fast paced, and slightly out of tune brand of punk-metal music serves well as backup to the moronic, assinine lyrics. Our ultimate goal with our music is to leave people the world over thinking "What the fuck?"'