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Post  Post subject: Experiencing the unreleased Windows 7  |  Posted: Apr 21st 2009, 4:32 am

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Okay, so far, I been using this since January. After I got familiar with new features, I would be willing to live by this operating system forever! I carry a Vista Capable laptop and Vista does bog down on me even with an extra 1GB of memory thrown in. This new Windows is said to be a lot more flexible and less resource-hogging than Vista and I have to agree.

Already since builds of Windows 7 started leaking to the Internet, a few experts already written cracks that would activate Windows, remove corner watermarks, and for some, to get rid of the Send Feedback links that appear on every window.

One thing I noticed about the changes in displaying a window was that the caption buttons (minimize, maximize, close) was slightly bigger than the original. The size of the original is always 18.

Unlike Vista and XP, this OS features what they call a "Superbar" which appears to be a taskbar that has the large 32x32 icons big enough to make the newly redesigned blue orb (Start button) stand out. Windows 7 does have the option to change the appearance of icons from big to small and from there, it'll be a little on the Classic side. Also, for any running tasks, the user can click-drag running tasks and even system tray icons to another location on the superbar to further organize.

Windows Vista has a feature in the Quick Launch bar where all open windows will line up and the user can "switch between windows". So far, Windows 7 took out the quick launch bar but it still the "switch between windows" function available.

Windows Aero has played a bigger role in making Windows 7 more smoother rather than savage. That's the way I see it. It introduced Aero Peek which previews the Desktop or another open window on-screen before even clicking it. I kinda like that!

Now in the beginning, the first leaked build I downloaded was 6801. From there on, there was no way that I could upgrade since Windows 7 had a lack of drivers available at the time, including video. I later discovered that I was able to go into my laptop's website (HP) to get Vista drivers for my laptop and to see what I would pull for Windows 7. I was able to get the sound and later the video. Build 6801 masked their new superbar, so another small proggie known as BlueBadge leaked. BlueBadge allowed me to unlock the new superbar. A little to complain about, but I'm glad Microsoft has been constant in taking care of this obstacle ever since.

Build 7057 which is what I got now, had a bug right off the bat where "desktop.ini" popped up in notepad. A few websites later discussed how it got to that point and how it can be handled. A little bit of a complaint there, but I don't know how Microsoft has been doing since 7057.

WIndows 7 is going into build 7105, 7106, and above, and getting closer to RC stage right now. They might already have a handful of available drivers they know will work, but they still got more work to do if they want to build a warehouse of drivers.

I enjoy Windows 7 a lot! But to cover my own ass, I chose to partition my primary notebook HDD where 50 GB is reserved for Windows 7 and 6 GB for XP.

What I can demonstrate for now, is what the new superbar looks like and how Windows 7 will appear once the corner watermark is taken out. You will have to go to to read up and stay informed about the upcoming release of the whole thing.


Dustin B
Post  Post subject: Re: Experiencing the unreleased Windows 7  |  Posted: Apr 22nd 2009, 11:42 pm
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I kind of like the superbar, but they could have made it more super if it was pink haha! j/k, actually I've heard a lot of people complaining about how thick the new taskbar is, I really don't see any problem with it if you've got a decent monitor at a good resolution.


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